The Bahamas

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A multi-billion dollar industry, medical tourism is one of the most lucrative industries an emerging country can invest into. In recent years, the Bahamas is one of those countries attempting to skyrocket their medical tourism numbers. Consisting of 29 islands, 661 cays, and multiple islets, the Bahamas is a popular tourist destination amongst North American travelers and the cruise ship industry. Known for its white sand and blue watered beaches, the country’s government is investing their time and money into boosting their medical tourism industry.

The Bahamas already receives a growing number of medical tourists who couple their procedure with a vacation. However, the country is now positioning itself to become one of the Caribbean leaders in the medical tourism industry. Along with an already established health infrastructure, and having been in the medical tourism industry since 2008, the Bahamas has the groundwork to grow its numbers.

In 2012, the Bahamian government introduced an international patient program at the Bahamas Medical Center, a popular hospital in Nassau, the country’s capital and largest city. This investment, along with the marketing of the Bahamas being close to North America, is a familiar country, and offers prices well below North American countries’, is the four-point plan the government has put in effect.

The Bahamas recognizes that they cannot offer the same deeply-discounted prices that India, Thailand, and the like offers. However, their strength is the country’s established reputation as a safe and enjoyable tourist destination. The country received over 1.3 million American tourists in 2010 alone, and its tourism industry comprises about 60 percent of its GDP.

Traveling to the Bahamas is no longer just for vacations. The country is poised to welcome more medical tourists, and offers them lower-cost and good quality medical procedures. Now, a new medical tourism has emerged, and the country expects to see more growth every year.

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