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As the medical tourism industry booms worldwide, so does the level of the world’s health care system. As with any other industry, new technologies and emerging techniques constantly shape the industry, causing it to be ever-evolving, and grow bigger every year. This is such the case of Singapore, in which new technologies and a growing population put its healthcare system one of the best in the world.

The World Health Organization ranked Singapore’s healthcare system as the 6th best in the world in 2000. This was far higher than the U.S., U.K., or Canada’s ranking, which was 37th, 18th, and 30th, respectively. Singapore, which is a small city-state in Southeast Asia and originally a British trading colony until 1965, is well-known for its strict laws and regulations on cleanliness. These laws meant that Singapore’s healthcare and facilities became world-class and extremely high quality, making it a great destination for medical tourists seeking treatment on par with Western countries. Plus, Singaporean doctors, nurses, and residents alike all learn English in school, making it the best medical tourism destination for easy communication.

Since its independence, Singapore has become one of the most prosperous countries with very strong international trading. Its economy is on par with many EU nations, yet it offers less expensive cost of living for its residents. In 2010, Singapore made more than $750 million USD from its medical tourism sector, which was more than $1.5 million USD more than the previous year. At about 90 percent of its patients being foreign, Singapore offers what many other Asian countries try to achieve: the best quality healthcare in all of Southeast Asia, with the most English-speaking professionals, and prices at about 50 percent of Western countries.

While Singapore has a track-record of providing some of the best healthcare in the world, it is considerably more expensive than Thailand, India, and other Asian countries. Vacationing in Singapore also costs more than other Asian countries because the cost of living and residential income is considerably higher. However, Singapore still gets millions of USD per year and thousands of medical tourists because it is simply the most trusted medical tourism country in its region.

To make traveling to a distant country easier, many medical tourists take advantage of facilitators. These facilitators are available to help plan traveler’s trips and help ease the headaches of first-time tourists. Your facilitator will help coordinate your trip, and often will create a one-time package that includes the costs of your medical treatments, excluding hotel stay, airfare, and whichever sightseeing you plan to do, if any. The hard work of finding the right hospital and doctor is done for you.

Singapore has a long history of providing top quality healthcare to its residents, which helped make them become a powerhouse among the world healthcare rankings. It’s no wonder why they became such a powerhouse in the medical tourism industry, too.

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