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Move over, Brazil. Over the past few years, Mexico has become the new “it” destination among Latin American countries to receive international clients for medical tourism. In fact, of the nearly 1 million Americans who traveled to Mexico for medical care in 2009, half or more were not native Mexicans. Some popular procedures include elective surgeries, like weight loss, plastics and cosmetic dentistry, and non-elective care, like orthopedics, oncology, and fertility treatments. In just 2009, Tijuana, Mexico, alone received close to eight million medical tourists looking for pharmaceuticals and healthcare at a fraction of the cost in their home country.

The healthcare speaks for itself. There are over one million retired Americans living in Mexico who receives routine health care from Mexican doctors and hospitals. Mexico caught onto this development and created hospitals some of the bordering cities where Americans are notorious for visiting or relocating to.

Take this into consideration: many Mexican doctors who finish their schooling at Mexican universities continue their education in neighboring United States’ universities. Many Americans and Mexicans insist that the quality of treatment meets, and often exceeds, United States’ standards. The medical equipment can also be just as cutting-edge and world-class like one would expect in many American medical treatment facilities. The misconception that Mexico is a third-world country with barely any English speaking doctors is slowly fading away.

Mexico offers a multitude of opportunities for medical tourists, but it could be a complete disaster for a novice to plan out their travels, even if they have previously visited Mexico. There are companies that act as liaisons between you and the medical facility they associate with. Their agents coordinate your trip for you, making it easy for both you and the facility you will get your medical treatment from. You will always receive top-notch care when dealing with a facilitator, as these companies already did the work for you on verifying certification and quality care.

However, let’s backtrack and explain why Mexico is a great destination for medical tourists. We know that throughout history, travelers have made trips to far and distant places in order to receive medical attention in some form, and went as far back as the Greeks traveling for hot baths. Mexico has shot-up in the medical tourism rankings and now has a history of medical tourism.

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