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With hospitals and facilities known worldwide, Israel is the Middle East’s premiere destination for medical tourists. Israel is also known for its unique national history, and many medical tourists appreciate this aspect of the country. Also a contributing factor for Israel’s medical tourism industry boom is because of their connection to scientific and medical research, such as helping to develop and pioneer in-vitro fertilization. These factors, along with Israel’s comfortable climate, and high quality and affordable healthcare have pushed Israel as an emerging medical tourism destination.

Many medical tourists choose to travel outside of their country for pre-planned surgeries and procedures for one main reason: cost. Tens of thousands of Americans, Europeans, and even people from the Middle East travel to Israel to save some money. However, Israel also has the distinction of being a country in which you can combine your medical procedure with a unique vacation around a worldwide religious hub known to many religions as “the Holy Land”.

The medical tourism industry has brought Israel $40 million USD in 2006 alone, and with over 15,000 patients traveled to the country to receive some form of health care. Israel has also had help developing its medical tourism industry with its high healthcare infrastructure, especially in Tel Aviv and the capital, Jerusalem, availability of well-trained doctors and surgeons, high patient-to-doctor ratio, and use of state-of-the-art equipment. As such, the most common medical procedures Israel specializes in include specialized medicine like in-vitro fertilization, cardiac surgeries, and oncology treatments.

If you would like to combine your medical procedure with a vacation, if you are new to traveling, or have never traveled to Israel before, we recommend using a facilitator to help you with your planning process. Your facilitator can plan the majority of your trip, with special attention to the medical aspect of the trip. They will be able to create a package for you that include the costs of your medical treatments, and the planning and booking of procedures. The packages most often exclude the cost of airfare, hotel stay, and sightseeing, but can often help you plan those aspects of your travels.

Israel is quickly becoming the destination in the Middle East for medical tourism. The country’s history of medical advancement and historic locations help bring in thousands of medical tourists every year and is a good choice for those in need of medical procedures that require specialized skill and medicine.

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