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Known worldwide for its numerous amounts of hospitals and extremely skilled doctors, Germany is the premiere medical tourism destination for patients seeking advanced medicine. Germany has been one of the most popular destinations for patients from the Middle East due to travel difficulties associated with entering into the United States. Patients from the U.S. also choose Germany for treatments that are either developing or not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These factors, along with Germany’s historical and famous landmarks, and commonly lower medical prices have made Germany one of Europe’s best medical tourism destinations.

Often medical tourists travel to other countries for medical procedures so they can save money. Although Germany can offer significant cost comparisons to the U.S. with savings commonly as much as 50 percent, the country attracts medical tourists who desire highly skilled doctors and high quality patient service.

The German healthcare system has put into place a strict training and licensing process for their doctors and surgeons. Before a German doctor can practice, they have to demonstrate years of expertise in their area of specialty. These training regulations, as well as their malpractice laws are to the same standards as the U.S., and in some cases, even higher. This fact has made Germany’s healthcare system as one of the best systems worldwide, and as such, every year approximately 50,000 medical tourists travel to Germany for their medical treatment.

Combining your medical procedure with a vacation should be relatively easy, yet challenging at the same time. From the Alps, to the forests, and the iconic cities and landmarks, choosing what to do can be hard to pick. If you are new to traveling, or have never traveled to Germany or Europe before, we recommend you use a facilitator that can help you plan the medical part of your trip. Facilitators are able to create a package that includes the cost of your medical treatments, and all of the planning and booking of the procedures. However, you will still have to plan your airfare, hotel stay, and sightseeing, but facilitators can often help and give advice for those aspects of your travels.

Germany does not attract the same kind of patients that some other countries can. The country just cannot compete with the prices of those looking solely for discounts. However, Germany is the ideal destination for medical tourists who are looking for sophisticated and modern healthcare with attention to service and satisfaction.

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