Why Go to the Bahamas For Medical Tourism?

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Newly emerging into the medical tourism industry, the Bahamas already has a reputation for its tourism sector, which makes up about 60 percent of its GDP. While medical tourists mostly choose to travel to other countries for healthcare to save some money, the Bahamas markets their medical tourism sector differently. Even though medical procedures in the Bahamas are still on average about 20 to 40 percent lower than the United States, the country recognizes this isn’t their main selling point.

Rather, the Bahamas offers medical tourists healthcare from their well-established health infrastructure with close proximity to North America. Its main target clientele are Americans, and the Bahamas are keen on accommodating foreign patients with a newly built center in their Nassau hospital, the Bahamas Medical Center, which opened in 2012. Many Bahamian doctors are trained in the U.S. and return to the country for their career. English is also the official language of the Bahamas, so there is no language barrier for many medical tourists traveling to the country.

The Bahamas is known world-wide for their relaxing beaches, shopping trips, and casinos. Medical tourists enjoy being able to couple their medical procedure with a vacation. The Bahamas is also familiar to many North Americans because of its popularity as a cruise ship port of call and Atlantis Resort near the capital, Nassau. This familiarity makes it an easy choice for many medical tourists to choose a destination that is so close to home. It is also just a quick flight from Miami and even New York.

The Bahamas offers a unique getaway destination for patients who desire lower costs, fantastic scenery, and a relaxing vacation. Americans especially choose the Bahamas for the ability to receive good quality healthcare without traveling very far.