Why Go to Mexico for Medical Tourism?

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One of the biggest hesitations medical tourists experiences when traveling for healthcare is the actual travel aspect of getting to the destinations. Flying can be a nerve-racking thing for many people, and some may feel like the money they spend on a long flight counteracts the money they save on their medical procedure. This feeling of hesitation is the number one reason why many Americans choose Mexico, which is a destination close to their home.

Apart from the savings medical tourists enjoy when getting their medical procedure done in Mexico, the country also offers a high standard of patient care. There, doctors and nurses predominately learn how to speak some, if not fluent, English so they can properly communicate with their patients. Medical tourists from other countries with high costs of health care, such as the U.K., Canada, and some European nations, also enjoy the high affordability, yet high quality of medical treatment they receive in Mexico.

Perhaps the biggest reason, as mentioned before, is how convenient traveling to Mexico is compared to many other medical tourism destinations. Mexico borders some of the U.S.’s biggest cities in California and Texas, which means medical tourists have the ability to fly within the country instead of internationally, which saves money.

Flights to inner-Mexican cities like Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City are much shorter and relatively inexpensive compared to overseas flights to other Latin America medical tourism hubs, like Brazil and Venezuela. For example, Tijuana, Mexico, which is a popular medical tourism destination in Mexico, is just 25 minutes south of San Diego, California. Medical tourisms could simply fly to San Diego (if they don’t already live in or around there), and cross the border to Mexico in either a car, or medical van. Many facilitators that act as liaisons between patients and medical facilities can even plan the ground transportation and border crossing, which eliminates inconvenience.

Many patients also elect to make a vacation out of their medical travels, and Mexico can properly serve that purpose for medical tourists. Since many tourist spots and activities in Mexico are relatively inexpensive, medical tourists are able to combine a vacation with their medical procedure and still save a significant amount of money.