Why Go to Germany For Medical Tourism?

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Medical tourism has boomed in the past decade, with billions of U.S. dollars being spent every year by patients seeking lower cost healthcare. Germany receives many of its medical tourists not because of drastically lower prices, but with moderately lower prices and higher quality. One of the biggest concerns medical tourists have over traveling to a lesser-developed country for medical care is whether the quality of care will be up to their home country’s standards. The German healthcare system is so advanced, well-developed, and well-organized that this concern is nullified.

Germany’s hospital to patient ratio is nearly double of the United States’. The government puts high emphasis on developing its healthcare system, and utilizes the country’s history of developing cutting edge technology. Some of the most advanced medicine in the world is developed and practiced in Germany. In fact, a portion of Germany’s medical tourists come to the country so they can receive a medical treatment that is not offered in their home country. Or, if these procedures are offered in the patient’s home country, they are either quite expensive, or hard to get covered by the patient’s insurance. Instead, patients come to Germany to circumvent long wait times, health insurance headaches, and to save some money.

Some of the most complex and technologically advanced medicine in the world is performed well in Germany. Doctors are highly skilled and competent to perform such intricate surgeries and procedures. In some other medical tourism destinations, you could find a handful of highly skilled doctors, but in Germany, there is no short supply of them. Plus, because malpractice laws and training are similar, if not sometimes more rigorous than even the U.S., doctors are expected to perform on a higher professional level. While English is not the primary language amongst Germans, many Germans (including doctors) learn English as their second language.

Germany’s ability to offer complex and advanced medicine with little wait times and lower prices than the U.S. and certain other parts of Europe are reasons why many medical tourists choose to travel to the country for healthcare.