Transportation To, From, and In the Bahamas

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The most popular way tourists get into the Bahamas is by cruise ship or boating. However, for medical tourists who cannot be restricted to visiting within one day, the most convenient way to get in is by airplane. There are several airports available to fly into, with the largest airports in Nassau and Freeport. You may have to take a connecting flight in Miami, even if you’re coming from overseas, and land in either Nassau or Freeport, depending on where your medical procedure will take place. The flight from Miami to Nassau or Freeport is usually just an hour long.

You must have a valid passport to enter the Bahamas; however, you most likely will not need a visa, as most foreign nationals do not require a visa for entrance. Once you are in the country, you can either rent or get aboard a boat to travel from one island to another. You most likely will not need to if your medical procedure is in New Providence, but if your procedure will be in Grand Bahama, we recommend taking the trip over for sightseeing purposes.

Getting around a Bahamian island is pretty simple because of the main islands' well-developed transportation system. Although you will not find a train system, you will find abundance of taxis available, but for quite high fares. You can also rent a car, or a scooter for more convenient traveling, but with prices not all that cheaper than renting a taxi. A more popular and less expensive option is to travel by jitney buses, which are minibuses that act as Nassau’s bus system. These buses are found more on New Providence, however.