Top 5 Things to Do in the Bahamas

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Some of the most relaxing and beautiful scenery can be found in the Bahamas. True to its island nature, the Bahamas really does have a myriad of water activities available for visitors. However, some of the more unique things to do also help visitors learn about island culture and Bahamian history. While doing some water activities is fun (after all, you will literally be surrounded by water) we recommend doing some more relaxing water activities that will be more healing on your body.

Choose a few things that will interest you and any travel companions you may be bringing, and will help relax you for your medical procedure. Whichever you choose, take consideration of your medical condition, and also try to plan activities before your medical procedure so that you can heal properly before traveling back home.

The top five things to do in the Bahamas, in no particular order are:

1.    Lounge on the Beach – Truly picturesque views and a relaxing experience is possible when you lounge on one of the Bahamas’ many beaches. The water around the Bahamas’ islands is distinctively clear blue-green and most often more turquoise than blue. This is because of the very shallow waters surrounding the islands—depths are only up to 30 feet. Some beaches are free to visit, but require purchasing lounge chair rentals at a low daily fee. Grab a chair, sit back, and just enjoy.

2.    Swim with Dolphins – Depending on your medical condition, you may not be able to participate in water sports that may be taxing on your body. However, one such water activity that isn’t too strenuous is dolphin swimming. Whether you’re an animal lover, or just want to try a unique experience, swimming with dolphins is notably available in Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island and in Freeport on Grand Bahama.

3.    Explore Some Churches – The Bahamas has the highest ratio of churches per capita in the world, so it is no wonder that some of these churches are architecturally stunning and historical. In New Providence, you could find a church on almost every block, whether it’s Protestant, Baptist, Catholic, or another branch of Christianity. One of the most visited and recommended churches to sightsee is the Christ Church Cathedral in Nassau, New Providence. The church’s stained-glass windows and stone memorials are admiringly beautiful.

4.    Experience Island Culture – The culture in the Bahamas is a distinct mix of African, Caribbean, European, and Latin cultures. Experiencing the island life is memorable, as this relaxed way of life is rarely seen in other North American countries. Listen to some Junkanoo or Calypso music near the beaches, or in one of the night clubs. Eat the Bahamas’ seafood-centric cuisine and discover what conch (pronounced “conk”) tastes like. Or, visit one of the museums that honor the island culture, like the Bahamas Historical Society in Nassau.

5.    Shop for Souvenirs – While you will find shops selling name-brand clothing, perfume, and handbags on the streets close to the port of Nassau, some great experiences lies beyond. Bahamians have been creating anything from hats, dolls, and purses out of dried palm tree leaves that is often mistaken for straw. These straw souvenirs have been popular in the Bahamas since right after World War II, and the famous Straw Market was built for vendors selling their crafts. Now, the Straw Market is the place to find other handcrafted goods, but be aware of vendors’ aggressiveness and be ready to bargain.