Top 5 Things to Do in Germany

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Germany is often stereotyped as the land of beer, Alps, and leather breeches called lederhosen. The reality is, this relates more to a microcosm of German culture centered on Bavaria, one of Germany’s 16 states. Each state is culturally diverse and offers different experiences for both tourists and medical tourists. A lot of the activities depend on which area you will be traveling to for your medical procedure; however, generally there is a variety of things to do around all major cities and regions.

Most of these activities are easy to incorporate around your medical procedure, but generally we recommend choosing a couple things that interest you and are realistic on your budget and schedule. Take consideration of your medical condition, and try to plan any activities before your medical procedure so your body can heal properly before traveling back home.

The top five things to do in Germany, in no particular order are:

1.    Visit Picturesque Villages – Germany has some of the most romantic sceneries that truly belong in picture books. These villages often evoke memories of fairy tales, and some of the most iconic German architecture can be enjoyed. The town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, near Bavaria seems to be untouched by technology and time, and is encircled by a 14th-century wall. The city of Heidelberg, where Heidelberg University Hospital is located, has a historical city center, a picturesque castle, and remnants of Medieval Celtic architecture.

2.    See Historical Attractions – German historic sites are some of the most varied and culturally important sites in the world. Some historic sites are located in areas that were once tumult and disparity, and now act as symbols for German progress. The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is now a symbol of German reunification. The Berlin Wall in Berlin was once the separator of West and East Berlin, but now is one of the most iconic historic sites in Germany. Also, the fairy tale-like Neuschwantstein Castle in Bavaria evokes feelings of romance and old-word Germany.

3.    Experience Natural Beauty – Located in Central Europe, Germany has a variety of geographical attractions, and each can be found in the different German regions. The north has coastline along both the North and Baltic Seas. The beaches here are beautiful, and offshore are sights of picturesque islands called the East Frisian Islands. Central Germany has the hilly rural uplands, where some famous forests such as the Bavarian and Black Forest can be found. Or, in south Germany, the Alps, famous for their snow-capped beauty can be enjoyed.

4.    Be a Spectator – German people are proud of the cultural advancements. Rich cultural experiences like museums, musicals, opera, and the orchestra are extremely popular in Germany. The culture has been shaped by intellectual and creative thinkers. There are hundreds of theaters and orchestras, thousands of libraries, and musicals are almost always in production. Enjoying one of Germany’s cultural offerings depends on the location and time you will be in the country, however, just some quick research will most likely procure at least a couple things to experience.

5.    Ride Along the Autobahn – Cars in Germany is a symbol of national pride. German auto manufacturing is world renowned and known for its safety and quality. As such, Germany has a roadway called the Autobahn, which has some sections without speed limits. Some tourists rent exotic sports cars so they can speed on the Autobahn. Even if you’re not a thrill seeker, just experiencing the excellent and well-organized network of roads is an attraction in itself. Germany is constantly updating and taking care of their roads, and the Autobahn is a perfect symbol of German excellence in engineering.