Medical Tourism Procedures in Germany

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Some of the most advanced and technologically-developed medicine in the world is routinely practiced in Germany. Many medical tourists travel to Germany just so they can receive medical procedures that would be scarcer and more expensive in their home countries. Some medical tourists come from Western countries, where the wait times in their country is much longer than in Germany. These procedures all require highly skilled doctors and surgeons, as well as modern technology and very high standards.

Cardiac Surgeries

German hospitals often have entire centers and wings dedicated to cardiac health. Surgeries for the heart are some of the most routinely performed medically-necessary surgeries in Germany. Requiring delicate precision, high skills, specialized training, and the latest technology, cardiac surgeries are especially popular amongst medical tourists from lesser-developed countries where it would be difficult to receive high quality care. Medical tourists requiring a heart procedure also appreciates the low wait times, small cost savings, and respectful care they receive in German hospitals.

Oncology Treatments

The amount of doctors and hospital centers that dedicate to the treatment of cancer in Germany are outstanding. At least 6 major hospitals in Germany have very large centers specializing in oncology, with one, Klinikum Stuttgart having at least 14 oncologists on staff. Treatments range from diagnosis, to medical treatment, and specialized surgical procedures. Some surgical procedures utilize cutting-edge technology and are sometimes provided only in Germany before being approved by the U.S.’s FDA.

Orthopedic Surgeries

German hospitals routinely provide joint replacement surgeries, or orthopedic surgeries, to both local and foreign patients. In Klinikum Stuttgart, an entire center is dedicated to orthopedic surgeries, and there are at least 15 dedicated orthopedic specialists on staff. Joint replacement surgeries are delicately performed by highly skilled doctors and under strict German regulations. Surgeries such as hip, knee, and shoulder replacement utilize brand-name artificial joints, and many German orthopedic doctors are able to communicate in English with some foreign patients.

Neurological Surgeries

Neuroscience has greatly improved through the dedication of German clinical and trial research. With some of the most advanced medical technologies being developed in Germany, neurosurgeons routinely work with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to perform neurological surgeries to both local and foreign patients. Complex neurosurgery covers the treatment of any portion of the human nervous system, including diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of nervous system disorders. The highly-advanced medicine can relate to the human brain, spinal cord, and nerves. 

Photograph: Michele Tantussi/Bloomberg