Israeli Medical Tourism Tips

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The following is a list of helpful tips for medical tourists traveling to Israel:

  • Be mindful of what time of year it will be during your time in Israel. Take a look at the Jewish calendar for the year and note what holidays (if any) would be going on. These dates change yearly. If a holiday falls on the time you will be in Israel, look at the customs for the holiday and see if it will disrupt or impact your travel plans ahead of time.
  • If you are having your medical procedure during the summer, note that it will be hot, as well as humid in most parts of Israel. Pack accordingly with loose and comfortable clothes, and broken-in walking shoes.
  • It is safe to drink the tap water in Israel. This goes along for both big cities and rural areas. However, if you feel the need to, there is bottled water available in convenience stores and restaurants.
  • Street food is usually very safe to eat. Mostly everything is made fresh in front of you, including fish dishes, salads, and fried foods.
  • Some locals may appear rude to you. They are not rude, but rather it is customary for Israelis to be loud, boisterous, and opinionated. They are some of the most welcoming and warm people around, but never afraid to speak their mind!
  • Be mindful of religious customs and traditions, especially if you plan on visiting a synagogue, church, or mosque. Women may not be allowed entry if your legs or upper arms are exposed. Men are required to cover their heads in a synagogue, and mosques require all visitors to take off their shoes before entering.
  • Try not to ask too many questions, or bring up, the Holocaust to locals, doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. Many Israelis know someone, or was related to someone, who was a victim in the Holocaust. It is a touching and emotional issue for many Israelis.
  • Traveling around Israel is generally safe in the big cities and rural areas, regardless of what news television portray the country to be. You’ll grow accustomed to seeing soldiers walking around the streets.