Health Care System in the Bahamas

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The Bahamian government has dedicated about 30 percent of the national budget for social development, with special attention given to health. With universal health care, Bahamians are able to receive basic health services and pay little or none at all. Many doctors are trained in the United States, Canada, and Europe and return to the Bahamas for their career. Others receive their education in privately-owned institutions that offer tertiary educational degrees. Therefore, the Bahamas has a well-established healthcare infrastructure that holds a high standard similar to many other developed nations.

Medical facilities vary throughout the islands. The more populated islands, like New Providence and Grand Bahama have both government and privately owned hospitals. The Family Islands have more limited medical service, and there are approximately 50 health centers available throughout the many islands. In Nassau, Princess Margaret Hospital is a government run hospital with over 450 beds, and the nationally accredited and privately owned Doctors Hospital offers specialized services. In all, there are approximately 60 clinics throughout the Bahamas, and approximately 290 privately owned healthcare facilities.

The medical facilities throughout the Bahamas offer locals and medical tourists a wide range of treatments, including basic health services, and specialized medicine that is more popular amongst medical tourists. With a high emphasis on tertiary training and government funding, the Bahamas has one of the best healthcare systems in the entire Caribbean.