German Medical Tourism Tips

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The following is a list of helpful tips for both new and experienced medical tourists traveling to Germany for their medical procedure:
  • The currency in Germany is the Euro, which is one of 23 countries that use this currency. As part of the European Union, the Euro is interchanged among the countries, and for the best rate, should be exchanged from your local currency before traveling.
  • Tipping is not common in Germany, but Germans expect you to show your politeness and appreciation when good service is received. While you do not have to tip any doctors or hospital staff, it is polite to tip in restaurants and other social services.
  • Be aware that retail tax is about 19 percent in Germany, so take note before planning on doing some shopping in Düsseldorf.
  • Although German food is generally well-accepted among simpler palates, you can find the normal everyday fast food restaurants in nearly any city in Germany.
  • The tap water is perfectly fine to drink in Germany, including major and minor cities. Some rural areas may be questionable, but those are very few areas. If you prefer bottled water, you can order that in restaurants and purchase in convenience stores.
  • Germany is considered a very safe country, and crime rates are generally low. Violent crimes are very rare compared to other countries, and you will rarely see aggressive bargaining and begging amongst major and minor cities.
  • Since Germany has many different regions, you could experience different climates depending on which region you visit. So, pack accordingly, and make sure you wear comfortable and loose clothing during the summer. You should take the utmost caution on staying comfortable before and after your medical procedure.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of the Holocaust, all anti-Semitism is forbidden under strict and enforced laws. Any laws that evoke any symbolism of anti-Semitism or of the Holocaust is not tolerated, even from joking tourists.