German Hot Facts

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Whether you're new to medical tourism, or do not know much about Germany, the following list of facts about Germany should be helpful:

  • Germany has had a tumultuous past. In just a couple hundred years, Germany went through failures during the March Revolution and the Weimar Republic government, all the way to the immoralist mistake caused by the infamous National Socialist German Workers’ Party during the 1930s and 40s, and the division of Germany into East and West.
  • However, these troubles have led to great gains. Unity and liberty was gained in the past few decades, and the country was reunified in 1990.
  • Though it’s a relatively small country in terms of land mass, the German economy is the largest in Europe and the 4th largest in the world.
  • With over 82 million citizens, Germany is the most populated country in Europe.
  • It’s no surprise that German companies have excellent reputations for high quality and technologically advanced products. Known for engineering innovation, German cars especially have been widely-acclaimed for their cutting-edge technology. The automobile industry in Germany is one of the largest in the world.
  • German people are one of the most cultured people in the world. Throughout the country, there are around 300 theaters, 630 art museums, and 350 newspapers. The Germans also love to read, and holds an international book fair every October.
  • In 2010, Germany was named second place on a list of countries to visit from Best in Travel’s “Lonely Planet” travel guide. The German accommodating and tourist-friendly attitude was one of the reasons why it was placed so high on the list.
  • German cuisine is one of the friendliest and approachable cuisines in the world. Known for their love of meat and potatoes, Germans make hundreds of types of sausages, and nearly thousands of types of bread.